Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bhature Recipe, learnt from my Mother

Photo by Amit Agni
·        2 cups Maida (All purpose flour)
·        1 cup hung curd
·        1 tsp sugar
·        1 tsp salt
·        Oil to fry
·        Water if needed 
·        Take all other ingredients and mix well. Make a dough. If required add a little water. Knead well and make it like a puri dough.
·        Take little oil in your palm and apply it to the dough.
·        Keep aside for 5 hours in a warm place.
·        Heat oil for deep frying.
·        Knead dough once again.
·        Take a portion of the dough and make a golf size ball out of it.
·        Lightly coat the rolling surface with oil and roll out the dough into a approx 4 inch round.
·        Slide the bhatura into the oil and gently keep pressing it down with a slotted spoon until it puffs up.
·        Flip bhatura to the other side and gently press it in the oil. Cook until golden brown.
·        Remove onto a paper towel lined plate.
·        Continue the same way for the rest of the dough.
Serve with chole.
        I prefer preparing the bhature without baking powder or baking soda so my recipe does not include these ingredients,yet it tastes good.


  1. Hey Niti, thought it wud be nice to shre this lil experience of mine. There is thi a lil thing which I always do to keep my bhatures fluffy and crisp. I add 1 tbsp of soaked semolina (sooji) for every 250gms of flour I use. Check it out next time when u fry some.


    1. Thanks Prakriti for your suggestion...I will surely try this next time.

  2. Hey Prakriti
    how is oval shaped Paneer Bhature having excellent fluffiness made ?Thes are one available at some typical PISHAURI shops


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